This sofa combines smooth lines, sophisticated stitching and comfortable feeling which embodies richness in both design and function. The back features refined construction details with stitching which gives the sofa an elegant and comfy look.

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The Bolero Upholstered Chair stands out for its curves and soft lines. Because of its design, it is a light piece that helps complement a space. This piece includes equestrian elements and its AH hardware makes it authentic. It is designed to mix materials for its seat and back.

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Generous proportions and contemporary a design make this one of the favorite items of the Caramelo Collection. Its redesign was emphasized by adding metallic details on its backrest which highlight the chicness of this piece.

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We strive to create feelings and sensations through our products and designs that will enrich the atmosphere where they lay down. We seek balance between curves and geometric shapes is definitely fashioning a decidedly distinctive feel.


The Rumba Iconic upholstered chair presents a pattern in its backrest inspired by tropical leaves that gives the product the tropical touch that characterizes this collection. This piece is can be a complement in a room scene and at the same time the main protagonist in a scene.

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Its structure remains the same but the upholstery details have been emphasized. Smooth lines through, sophisticated stitching stand out on the backrest accentuate it and give it a more contemporary look.

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