Modern Contemporary versus Classic Furniture

Furniture is an extension of one’s self. It’s an expression of your personality, and they are not just simple pieces that you buy because you need to fill some space. Good furniture should both have aesthetic and functional values. These pieces are categorized in two – the modern and the classics. Which one fits you best?

Both modern contemporary and classic furniture have their own unique style and characteristics. If you are looking for timeless beauty, pieces made of hardwood with sophisticated designs, go for the classic ones. However, choosing traditional furniture comes with some cons. Although they are durable, they are high maintenance. This means you have to do proper, regular cleaning and polishing to keep them in tiptop shape. Also, they are usually big and dark-colored, not suitable to small spaces with poor lighting.

On the other hand, modern furniture pieces are more compact and lightweight. They are more colorful and made from a variety of materials and fabric. They come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. No matter how big or small or irregular your space is, you will surely get one that perfect fits. Most importantly, they are easy to clean. But bear in mind that some modern furniture is not that durable as the classic ones. Proper cleaning and care are a must.

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